What Items Can You Cut With a Tube Laser?

What Items Can You Cut With a Tube Laser?

The first question is: What items can tube laser cutting machines cut? The answer will vary depending on the type of laser cutting machine. Some laser machines can cut PVC, ABS, Leather, Cardboard, and more. But what other items can laser tube cutting machines cut? This article discusses these and other items. If you are interested in learning more about tube laser cutting, keep reading! Here are some examples of what you can cut.


If you are doing a complex project with many tubes, a tube laser cutter is the best option for your project. This machine can cut through the entire tube without any secondary operations, such as cutting, welding, or bending. A laser tube cutter also helps you to reduce the number of parts you need and minimizes manual labour. Moreover, you can use the tube laser cutter to create intricate designs or shapes, which reduces your labor costs.


A tube laser can process shapes up to 30 feet long and is ideal for various industries. This cutting technique can also add locating geometry to the parts, enabling designers to error-proof downstream assembly. The accuracy of this process is 0.010 inches. This makes it a perfect choice for cut parts in the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors. The tube laser is also effective for engraving, allowing users to produce intricate logos and patterns.


Laser cutting is an excellent method for making custom designs on leather. It is non-contact, provides high energy, and has excellent density control. The laser beam’s energy is concentrated into a small point of action, which produces incredible heat. The laser beam is kept in a small spot, allowing the cut to be clean and precise while minimizing local deformation. Compared to other cutting methods, leather laser cutting is safer and faster and makes it possible to create custom-designed shapes with high-quality materials.


One of the most popular types of laser cutting materials is cardboard. This inexpensive material is easy to work with and comes in many varieties, including corrugated, cellulose, and grey. Grey cardboard is best for crafting and model building. Cardboard is also available in various colors, so it is easy to find one to match your project. Cardboard is also good for model building since it can be easily patterned and shaped with the tube laser cutting machine.