Get Ready Before Getting a Lip Pigment Tattoo With These Tips

Get Ready Before Getting a Lip Pigment Tattoo With These Tips

The best way to prepare for a lip pigment tattoo is to avoid any activity or cosmetic procedure that might negatively affect your lips before the procedure. This includes laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and peels. During the day before your tattoo appointment, you should also avoid applying Zensa numbing cream. It would help if you also avoided any activity or lifestyle habits that could damage the tattoo area. Lastly, you should ensure that your lips are healthy and free of chapped skin. This is vital for even pigment saturation and proper healing of your lip tattoo.

Avoiding facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, peels and laser treatments:

There are several risks associated with having a cosmetic procedure done on your lips, and you should avoid facials, microneedling, peels and other laser treatments before getting a lip pigment tattoo. These treatments are very effective in enhancing skin health and restoring the youthful glow, but you should avoid getting these procedures before getting a lip pigment tattoo.

Avoiding laser treatments:

After having your lip tattoo, you may be worried about skin tightening, swelling, and flaking. While the pigment fades over time, you may have to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for about a month. If you do, you’ll have to cancel your appointment and pay the fee to get another session. Also, avoid sun exposure and blood thinners, as they can affect the color retention of your lip tattoo.

Avoiding facials:

While the procedure can be painful, most lip enhancements are easily removable, and you can add more color later. But remember, you must follow certain pre and post-care guidelines and avoid excessive bleeding. To protect your lips, you should also avoid heavy exercise, facials, and sauna sessions. Additionally, it would help if you avoided skin peels and tanning before getting a lip pigment tattoo.

Avoiding microdermabrasion:

Several precautions should be taken before getting a cosmetic tattoo. For example, you should stop using anti-aging or acne treatments. You should avoid products containing Alpha Hydroxy and Retinol. If these products spread under the surface of your skin, they can bleed under the cosmetic tattoo. Another important precaution is to avoid getting a lip pigment tattoo during the first 14 days after getting microdermabrasion. After the procedure, you can clean the area with a wet or cold ice pack, but do not place the ice directly on your lips.