Cheapest Way to Move a Household

Cheapest Way to Move a Household

There are many ways to save money on moving. Using a moving truck, renting a portable storage container, and doing it yourself are all options. You can even choose to hire residential moving companies to help you move if you’re feeling ambitious. To find the best way to move your household, consider these tips:

Renting a moving truck:

A moving truck rental company will charge a daily rental fee for every day you rent the truck. This is important since the distance between your old home and your new one will affect the price. Most moving companies will charge for each extra twenty-four hours. If you have many items to move, you will need to rent a larger truck. In addition, a truck rental company will charge you extra for taking detours, which will cost you more. You should also consider your liability coverage and whether or not you are comfortable driving a moving truck.

Using a portable storage container:

Whether you are moving across state lines or just across town, a portable storage container will save you money and stress on your move. These portable storage units are available for rent and can significantly reduce your moving costs. In addition to saving you money on packing, these portable storage units have convenient pick-up and drop-off features. You can easily load and unload your items yourself.

DIY moving:

Among the many options available, DIY moving is the least expensive, but it also takes the longest and requires the most time. You can choose to rent a truck and drive it yourself or ask for the assistance of friends or family members to help. However, it would help if you remembered that moving by yourself requires backbreaking manual labor. In this way, it can be risky and even embarrassing. You can also hire a moving company to help you with the move, which will cost you more money.

Shipping your belongings inside of a semi-truck:

This method involves sending your items from one location to another on a semi-truck. This process involves sharing space inside the truck, which can cause things to shift around. In addition, you may find your belongings are taken by mistake. You should also avoid hiring moving companies for this type of household move. A moving checklist will help you pack properly and safely.