Are Kwadron Needles Good?

Are Kwadron Needles Good?

Is it possible to get a sharp and efficient tattoo line with a Kwadron needle? The reason behind this is the case for many tattoo artists. The Kwadron brand features needles with stabilization systems made of medical plastic. The plastic reduces the friction between the needle and the casing, ensuring that the needle remains sharp and efficient. Other benefits of Kwadron cartridges include the membrane-style system that protects against backflow of ink, a closer fit inside the tip, and a special surface for the Kwadron tip. In addition, the Kwadron cartridges have even ink flow and fewer splashes.

Less ink splatter:

When it comes to tattoo needles, the Kwadron is an excellent choice. The needles are made of medical-grade plastic, but they also comply with industry regulations. One of the best things about Kwadron needles is that they come in various configurations. The sublime magnum cartridge system allows the needle to glide flat against the tip of the tattoo machine.

Better quality:

Kwadron needles are a versatile product that can be used for different procedures. They are suitable for PMU procedures, including eyebrows, lips, SMP, and camouflage. These needles are like brushes that can produce different designs and sizes. To get the best results, use smaller needle groupings. You can also adjust the size according to your skin type. Thinner skin requires needles of smaller diameters.

Better for brows:

The most popular PMU procedures are eyebrows, lips, SMP, and camouflage. These needles are flexible and offer super-long taper tips. These needles are made of medical-grade pink plastic. You can choose between round, mag, flat, and sloped configurations. This will depend on your skin type and desired results. When considering a new PMU needle, it is best to try a sample pack first.

Reduced rattling:

To minimize the chance of rattling, the manufacturer has created a new stabilization system for Kwadron(TM) needles. This system uses a low friction level to keep the needles sharp and durable for many uses. The cartridges come in different configurations, making selecting the correct needle size easy. A cover is also available for the cartridge to prevent ink from entering the grip.