DNA Testing Of Elongated Human Skulls Of Peru

In our first project, we will determine who the enigmatic elongated skull peoples of Peru were, where they came from, and when. People with similar skull forms also existed across the Atlantic Ocean. In both locations, these odd beings were directly associated with gigantic stone constructions. We suspect that they were the ancient wizards who built the megaliths.

With your support, we may be able prove it.

Greater cranial capacity may mean that these people—whose elongated skulls seem not to have resulted from head-binding, but were apparently natural—were smarter than normal humans, possibly explaining their technological prowess. Our preliminary study of several specimens has revealed other startling anatomical abnormalities, including missing sagittal sutures (skull bone divisions), larger eye sockets, thicker spines, and fewer ribs.

Did these strange people stem from an extinct, unknown branch of human evolution? Did they result from selective breeding or even outright genetic engineering? Were they even human?

We don’t know.

Astoundingly, these bizarre specimens have never been rigorously assessed scientifically. It’s high time to tackle this taboo subject and reveal what may be a remarkable reality.

Our first round of mitochondrial DNA testing, to be paid for by this campaign, should answer these questions. Our DNA testing may also connect these weird beings to similar populations across oceans. If so, we will have proven prehistoric transoceanic transit. By itself, that would rewrite history. But we may also prove that the GMC did exist—and that would change everything.

Should we beat our modest campaign goal, we’ll apply additional money first to follow-on tests. Carbon-14 testing will reveal when the various groups we’re studying (from coastal areas like Paracas to highland areas like Cusco) lived, while hinting at their migratory history. And morphological studies involving CT scans and statistical anatomical comparisons will tell us how these people stacked up against various human populations around the world.
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